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We have a multidisciplinary team that allow us to undertake digitization and product promotion projects.

Among them, specialized personnel such as computer engineers and programmers, professionals with experience and knowledge of the products, characteristics and uses, data analysis technicians, marketing specialists, and customer service department in multiple languages.


We also have multiple high-performance servers and processing capacity in different locations and data centres in different European countries.

This allows us to optimize resources for maximum efficiency, perform backups between servers, migrate and lift services in case of catastrophes, connect systems and communications between other servers and platforms, etc.

Catalogue Digitization

Exposure of product´s portfolio and brands solutions

We support brands/manufacturers and take care of:

• Collection of data submitted by the brands

• Generation of titles, descriptions, image processing, correlated documents (data sheets, safety data sheets, product certifications), videos, keywords, etc. to provide quality product content

• Compilation of the data received/generated, debugging and improvement of the same

• Incorporation of our databases for feeding and interconnection with systems and platforms for the implementation and completion of the catalogue digitization process

• Catalogue maintenance, facilitating the governance, search, analysis, integration and data standardization

• We seek the maximum propagation and exposure of the products through multiple channels to present them and make their advantages and features known to consumers.

• The customer is the core, our purpose and the main objective of the brand (Consumer-first).

• We treat clients with the utmost attention and excellence (VIP customer)

• We encourage interaction and participation of consumers to provide added value to the brand and its products, actions that allow to retain consumer loyalty, seeking to report the best experience that allows their best recognition, evaluations, and shopping experience (Brand Relationship).

• The concern of the brands has always been to find and enhance the different distribution channels to get their products to reach the consumers. Through e-commerce in its B2B and B2C forms, we make it easier for manufacturers and consumers to acquire their products.

• We focus especially on taking advantage of new technologies (Wearables, interconnection with ERPs, Social Media, etc) to facilitate access to information for PROSUMERS.

• We provide the data for interconnecting with SAP Ariba and facilitate the download of digital catalogues for companies and large corporations, helping purchasing departments in reducing costs for product search, reliability in supply, compliance with quality standards (we are the first and only ones in our sector to have provided and implemented digital catalogues BMECat format, in accordance with UNSPCS.12 codification)

• We automate and catalogue manufacturers’ products on multiple platforms by interconnecting with APIs and interacting among servers for fast and efficient updating and propagation.

• We develop projects for brands related to their positioning and digital Marketing and Branding actions that allow their progressive growth that is productive and their lasting permanence in the long term.