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Logistics solution for distribution

• We are partners of multiple brands to support and complement the distribution of their products in multiple destinations and countries.

• We offer a comprehensive solution to manufacturers to get their products to all consumers wherever they require delivery.

• We manage in a diligent, automated, confidential and efficient way the availability of stocks of the manufacturers, adding our own stock for a maximum exposure of the products.

• We have storage and processing capacity in picking, as well as palletizing for deconsolidation and disposition of the products received for the preparation and dispatch of thousands of orders and individual products per month, both national and international.

• In addition to experience in using and utilizing outsourced logistics solutions, on which we rely on, and allow us flexibility and rapid adaptation of stock levels according to campaigns, promotions, seasons, overstocks, liquidations, etc.

• Our hardware and software are prepared and up and running to receive thousands of daily orders in an automated way in which both the creation of customer data or updating it if the customer was already registered, such as the shipping data, products and units requested, prices applied, etc., so we help brands to solve the problem of the challenge of how to manage hundreds / thousands of potential daily orders and it is not necessary to grant any mandate for billing on their part.

• We manage requests and returns from customers who retract their purchases or have problems with the products received.

• We work and have favourable agreements with multiple transport agencies for the delivery of orders (DHL, Dascher, DBSchenker, GLS, etc.) for your choice according to destination, service, typology and volume of the shipment.

• We deliver the orders in 24 hours in Spain peninsula and in 48-72 hours in Europe.

• We enable the expansion of markets and international sales to the brands.

• We apply local tax regulations since we have multiple company registrations for the application of taxes in different countries.

• We manage all the communications and file the models and sales declarations to the different Tax Agencies, settling the taxes in each country.